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Bellyfiction working together with MUXE BV

BellyFiction promises excitement and adventure! The Bellyfiction event at Fishing Adventure Enschede is an exhilarating fishing competition that encompasses various fish species. Participants can target challenging species such as catfish, sturgeon, black bass, perch, zander, and pike.

Website Development of, owned by Fishing Adventure NL, boasts a user-friendly interface and a visually appealing brand setup. The website offers an easy ticket ordering process for events, ensuring a seamless experience for users. From event details to ticket purchases, provides all the necessary information to its audience.

Ongoing Support from MUXE BV

MUXE BV is committed to supporting Belly Fiction in its endeavors. As a partner, MUXE BV will continue to provide technical assistance, marketing support, and implement future enhancements to the Bellyfiction platform. Whether it’s optimizing the website’s performance or adding new features, MUXE BV ensures that remains at the forefront of user experience.

Project Coordination by Justin Wilms

The efforts of MUXE BV for the Bellyfiction project are primarily coordinated by Justin Wilms, an experienced project manager with a proven track record of successful collaborations. Justin oversees all aspects of the partnership, from initial planning to execution, ensuring that the project meets its objectives and delivers value to both parties involved. Under Justin’s leadership, the partnership between MUXE BV and is poised for success, with a shared vision of providing unforgettable fishing experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

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