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A Year of Monumental Progress for MUXE BV

Reflecting on a Year of Significant Achievements

2018 marked a transformative period in the journey of MUXE BV. It was a year where we laid the foundational stones of our business and began to bring the MUXE brand into the limelight. This year was not just about establishment but also about significant strides in community engagement and strategic development.

Key Milestones in MUXE BV’s 2018 Roadmap

  1. Website Establishment and Branding: Initiated at the end of January, this crucial step set the tone for our digital presence.
  2. Community Building: We focused on creating a robust community of followers and members, which became the backbone of our project.
  3. Communication Channels: Establishing a newsletter medium became a vital link between us and our investors.
  4. Development of MUXE One-Stop Platform: A significant step towards realizing our comprehensive digital solution.
  5. Enhanced Online Visibility: Through targeted SEO strategies, we enhanced the online presence of MUXE.
  6. Promotional Campaigns: We actively promoted MUXE across various platforms, increasing project awareness.
  7. Platform Development and Security Enhancements: A focus on developing the MUXE platform and reinforcing its security layers was a priority.
  8. Local and Global Marketing Initiatives: These campaigns were crucial in spreading our reach across different regions.

Local Meetups and Community Engagement: The Heart of MUXE’s Strategy

The local meetups in 2018 were a cornerstone of our strategy, fostering cross-collaborations, partnerships, and a strong network of service providers and clients. Key meetups included:

  • Local Meetup on 8 April: A significant event that brought together key players and thought leaders.
  • Advanced Training for Crypto Specialists: An educational initiative to deepen understanding in the crypto space.
  • Meetups with Industry Experts: Engagements with figures like Silvano Soares and Rutger Janse provided valuable insights.
  • MUXE Meetup with CEOs: A gathering that brought together leaders of three major projects, fueling collaboration and innovation.

Community Building: A Cornerstone of Our Success

One of our greatest achievements in 2018 was the establishment and growth of the @MUXEBV community on Telegram. Engaging with this community became a focus in April/May, leading to strong connections and bonds. Our participation in the LoMoStar application since June 2018 marked a turning point, where we engaged with thousands of new members, fostering a sense of dedication and passion within the community. This engagement played a crucial role in our success in various exchange listing voting competitions, driven by the relentless support and dedication of our community members and ambassadors.

Looking Back with Pride

As we look back at 2018, it stands out as a year of learning, growth, and community. It was a year where MUXE BV not only laid its foundation but also built strong relationships within and outside the company. The accomplishments of 2018 have set a solid base for future innovations and successes at MUXE BV.

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