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Effective Networking at Blockchain Life Exhibition in Dubai by MUXE BV Team

At the recent Blockchain Life Exhibition in Dubai, MUXE BV’s dynamic trio—Jaimy de Vries, Agata Dharma, and Ari Cahyani—made a significant impact through their strategic networking efforts. This event provided them with a platform to connect with a diverse array of partners within the blockchain ecosystem.

Overview of the Exhibition

The Blockchain Life Exhibition, known for attracting industry leaders and innovators, was the perfect venue for the MUXE BV team to expand their professional network. The presence of various stakeholders from across the blockchain sector offered multiple opportunities for forging new partnerships.

Key Networking Outcomes

Diverse Connections

The team engaged with a wide range of exhibition attendees, from startup entrepreneurs to established tech companies, which enriched their understanding of the current market and potential collaborative opportunities.

Future Collaboration Prospects

These interactions laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations, with many conversations set to continue beyond the exhibition. The contacts made during this event are expected to evolve into valuable partnerships.


The participation of Jaimy de Vries, Agata Dharma, and Ari Cahyani at the Blockchain Life Exhibition proved to be highly beneficial. Their proactive approach to networking not only expanded MUXE BV’s industry connections but also positioned them well for upcoming collaborative ventures in the blockchain space. This event underscored the importance of in-person interactions in building meaningful business relationships and exploring new market possibilities.

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