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Strategic Morning Meetup at Canal Central Hotel: Preparing for Dubai Blockchain Events

In the dynamic setting of Dubai’s Business Bay Area, key members from MUXE BV convened for a strategic morning meetup at the Canal Central Hotel. The gathering included Jaimy de Vries, Ari Cahyani, Agata Dharma, and Javier Tan, who came together with a focused agenda: to refine their strategies for maximizing their participation in the upcoming Dubai Blockchain Events.

Overview of the Meetup

Participants and Venue

The meeting was held in the contemporary surroundings of the Canal Central Hotel, chosen for its central location and conducive environment for strategic discussions. Attendees included Jaimy de Vries and Ari Cahyani from MUXE BV, along with Agata Dharma and Javier Tan, who brought diverse perspectives and expertise to the table.

Goals of the Meeting

The primary goal of this session was to prepare a comprehensive approach for participating in the Dubai Blockchain Events. The team aimed to ensure they would not only attend these events but truly capitalize on the opportunities they presented.

Strategic Planning Discussed

Identifying Key Events and Opportunities

The first order of business was to map out the key events and sessions that aligned with MUXE BV’s goals and areas of interest. The team planned to engage with potential partners, investors, and industry leaders, setting the stage for fruitful interactions.

Tailoring Engagement Strategies

Understanding the importance of targeted engagement, the group discussed various strategies for interacting with other attendees. This included scheduling meetings with key stakeholders, planning insightful questions for panel discussions, and arranging demonstrations of MUXE BV’s latest offerings.

Logistics and Scheduling

To maximize their effectiveness, the team meticulously planned their schedules to cover the most relevant events and sessions. They also coordinated logistics to ensure smooth transitions between venues and activities, making the best use of their time in Dubai.

Key Takeaways and Future Steps

Unified Strategic Approach

The meeting resulted in a unified strategic approach tailored to the unique opportunities of the Dubai Blockchain Events. By aligning their goals and preparing meticulously, MUXE BV is positioned to make a significant impact.

Importance of Team Coordination

The discussions highlighted the importance of team coordination and preparation in extracting maximum value from large-scale industry events. Each team member left with clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring that they could support each other effectively throughout the events.

Excitement and Optimism

The morning meetup injected a sense of excitement and optimism among the participants. With a clear plan in place, the team was eager to engage with the blockchain community and explore new business opportunities.


The strategic morning meetup at the Canal Central Hotel was a crucial step for MUXE BV as they prepare to dive into the bustling world of the Dubai Blockchain Events. With a focused approach and coordinated efforts, the team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the events, ensuring they return with valuable insights, connections, and potential pathways for growth. This proactive planning underscores MUXE BV’s commitment to leveraging every opportunity to advance their position in the blockchain industry.

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